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50 Bold Beautiful Mandalas

by Aisling D’Art

50 Bold Beautiful Mandalas50 Bold Beautiful Mandalas is now available,  with five bonus pages added.

Here’s the description:

Looking for easy mandalas with big, wide lines and bold coloring areas? They’re here!

  • 50 different mandalas.
  • Bold lines.
  • Bigger-than average coloring areas.
  • Three levels of detail: Basic, Intermediate, and Elegant, scattered throughout this lovely book.

Hate tiny designs and skinny lines? Do you like to color when you’re a passenger in the car or on a flight? This is the book for you! These 50 bold, easy mandalas will help you relax, day and night. You won’t need reading glasses. These are coloring pages you can see, even in low-light conditions.

Each of these 50 designs is unique, and printed on one side of the page.

These mandalas began as sketches, and then heavier lines were added. So, they won’t be as pristine, sterile, and “perfect” as computer-generated mandalas. If organic designs are more your style, we think you’ll like these easy-to-see mandalas.

At the back of the book, you’ll find tips to make these mandalas more ornate and complex, if you like. These coloring pages are also ideal for special ed classes, senior citizen activities, special needs students, and art therapy.

Bonus: Five sample pages from my other coloring books, to see what other coloring books you might enjoy, as well.

(As usual, this book is available in a left-hand edition, too.)

Want to “test drive” this kind of coloring book?  Click here for a free sample.

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Also, look for the next book in this series, 50 More Bold Beautiful Mandalas.