Our New Business Name – Rose Meadows

Effective November 2019, the Coloring Group is under new (and far better) management.

Our books are being relaunched under a single author name – Rose Meadows – and you’ll see some changes at this website, too.

We’re still the same artists. We still maintain the same standards of excellence for our coloring books.

But, it’s time to admit that creating art and managing our coloring book business is too much. We’re placing day-to-day business decisions in the hands of our publisher.

Here’s the backstory…

We haven’t published a new coloring book in nearly a year. We couldn’t seem to agree on marketing and the publishing process.

It’s not that we disagreed… it’s that business topics – like brand management and marketing – aren’t our strong suits. We knew we were falling behind, but getting organized…? Well, it really was like “herding cats.”

Nobody wanted to take charge. And no one wanted to commit to big changes.

Throughout 2019, we knew something needed to happen, but what?

The experts stepped in…

Our publishers – Joe & Mary Fabella at New Forest Books – made some gentle suggestions. Then, when we balked (some of us more than others),  they tactfully hinted that maybe we should focus on being creative, and leave everything else to them.

We thought about it for a few weeks, and then… yes, they were right.

In fact, it was kind of a relief to say, “Sure. Go for it. You understand the publishing business far better than we do.”

What to expect…

One of the first, biggest changes will be our branding.

For the past five years or so, it’s been all over the place. For example, our black-background books did well, but fans didn’t realize that Nora and Joan  created black-background books that appealed to similar colorists.

Aisling’s “hippie” coloring books did well, but she’d named them whatever came to mind on the day she submitted each one for publication. So, fans of her small, purse/backpack-sized books had difficulty finding her related books at Amazon and other booksellers.

We could go on & on, but… well, you get the idea.

That’s why we’re going to focus on creating new coloring books, and the Fabellas will make it easier for you to find them.

Of course, it’s not just our books that need improvements. This website will change, too, especially after the start of 2020. (For example, we’d love to feature pages colored by our friends and fans. We were delighted when Joe explained that, yes, we can do that.)

And, collectively, we’re going to use the pen name “Rose Meadows.” That means some of our books will be collaborative projects, something we hadn’t explored much, in the past.

Even better, when you type “Rose Meadows” into Amazon’s search form, you’ll see all of our books in one place. You’ll know that you’re getting the quality coloring books you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Everyone wins!

What’s next…

Over the next few months, all of our books will be revised. It’s a big project. Currently, that’s 37 different books, and some were also published as left-hand editions, etc.

Joe and Mary assure us that – to reduce confusion – each book description will mention the previous title and author name. (Of course, Amazon will let you know if you already own a copy, too.)

And, the Fabellas will be improving our books. For example, they’ll be testing black ink on the back side of each coloring page, to prevent bleed-through when you’re coloring. (Does that really help? We’ve never tried it before.)

If you have any requests or suggestions, leave a comment at this article. We’ll consider absolutely anything! Let’s make the most of this opportunity to improve our books so you enjoy them more.