Relaxing Country Scenes

Relaxing Country Scenes coloring bookWe’ve updated one of our favorite, relaxing coloring books, and given it a new title, Relaxing Country Scenes. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Step back in time.

Relax with lovely, stress-relieving country scenes from the mountains to the seashore.

These 50 unique coloring pages are based on illustrations from old-time newspapers and magazines. Most are about 6″ x 7″, exactly as originally published.

Each features a different, beautiful scene. And each is simple enough for you to add your own personal touches as you color.

Starting with these black and white drawings, you’ll create pictures you’ll be proud to frame and display. They’re high-resolution images, but retain the hand-crafted touch of the original art from the 19th and early 20th centuries. A simpler time, and a world of natural beauty.

Each page is single-sided, and this book includes a wide range of scenes. Some are detailed. Others are simpler and allow you to add as much – or as little – color variation as you’d like.

Escape to a beautiful, peaceful world.

Coloring these pages can be like your own mini-vacation.

Buy your copy now.

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Strong Swirls – Beta Test for Us!

We’re revising some of our past coloring books and working on several new ones.

One is by Aisling and Nora, with a working title of “Strong Swirls.” (We hope you’ll suggest something better.)

Strong swirls for stress relief - Beta 1 coloring page
Click image to download the free coloring page (PDF).

We’re designing this coloring book for people who like Aisling’s hippie-style swirls and hand-drawn artwork.

Also, Nora added small, easy-to-color areas to break up each design. They color quickly and can reduce stress.

Here’s a sample page. >>>

The lines are bold enough to see in low-light conditions (for those who color in bed, but don’t want to turn on a bright light to wake a partner). And, you can probably see the lines without reading glasses, too.

This is a beta test for November 2019.

You can download this page and print it, free, at: (It’s an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF.)

We hope you’ll try this free coloring page and let us know what you like and don’t like about it.

You can leave a comment here, or at our Facebook Page, (“Like” that Facebook Page so you learn about more free coloring pages and beta opportunities.)

We may follow-up with additional, free coloring pages, to be sure our pages are exactly what you want.

Your feedback is important to us!

Help us create more coloring books that you’ll love.

Let us know what you want in our future coloring books, and – if we can create exactly what you like – we’ll be very happy!

(Click here to see more of our coloring books.)

Free Pages – What Goes Around

What Goes Around - CoverThese free coloring pages are created in memory of my mother. She had the hippie style before “hippies” were even a thing.

These are four coloring pages – hippie swirls and shapes that are designed in the round, plus one cover design.

Yes, they’re circles. Which way is up…? That’s up to you, as the Caterpillar might say. (That’s an Alice in Wonderland/White Rabbit reference… Jefferson Airplane and all that.)

Here’s how I colored one of the free sample pages:

Hand-colored art - What Goes Around

I like to use at least three different, related colors (or shades of them) in each area, to give the finished work a more three-dimensional look.

To download these free pages – each an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF (on Google Drive) – just click the image and it’ll open in a new window. (Or right-click to download it without preview.)

And the cover, since this was originally going to be a coloring book. (It may still become one, when I draw another 20+ of these.)

Free Christmas Ornaments to Color – 2017

The holidays are such a wonderful time! And coloring can be a great activity with your family.
Here are links to some free coloring pages. All of them are at Google Drive, so you can share these links with others, too.
The first three ornament pages are new this year.
All of them are designed so you can use page reinforcements to protect the hole, where you can use an ornament hook or loop some thread, embroidery floss, or ribbon.
Then you can display these on your tree, a wreath, on your windows, or tape them to your door, or — as we do in my house — even on the kitchen cabinets. Spread the holiday merriment!
Aisling D’Art
Hippie Christmas 2017
From past Christmas coloring books
Bold & Easy Christmas ornaments
Holiday Wreath

Bold and Easy Coloring – Volume 6

Aisling is back with another coloring book. This time, it’s Bold and Easy Coloring Page – Volume 6. Every page features hand-drawn kaleidoscope-style designs with bold lines and easy-to-color spaces.

Each design is printed on just one side of the page (the back is blank). Also, each design is repeated twice in the book. If you make a mistake on one of them, it’s okay. You have a do-over!

Or, if you want to color them differently, to display, side-by-side, you can.

Here are some of the designs in this book:

Bold and Easy 6 - three samples

You’ll find it at Amazon, along with all of Aisling’s Bold and Easy coloring books.


More Coloring, Hippie Style

More Coloring - Hippie StyleAisling has completed a new hippie-style coloring book.

Her newest drawings (and a few oldies) will remind you of the 1960s, and the art of Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour, Peter Max’s designs, and Grateful Dead posters.

This book is A Small Coloring Book: More Coloring, Hippie Style, by Aisling D’Art.

  • 40 hand-drawn coloring pages (most are new, but a few – only a few – are from her most popular hippie-style projects)
  • Each coloring design is printed on one side of the page (the back is blank)
  • Convenient 5 1/4″ x 8″ size, to fit into your backpack, purse, or baby bag
  • Authentic hippie style

Want to see for yourself? Click here for two free sample pages (one 8.5″ x 11″ PDF)

Hearts – Volumes 1 & 2

“Hearts!” is Aisling’s new coloring book series, featuring hippie-style coloring pages with heart frames.

Each book uses 20 different coloring designs. They’re mirrored — one faces left and the other faces right — so you can display your coloring art in matching sets.

Colored pages from Hearts! by Aisling D'Art
Colored pages from “Hearts!” (first book) by Aisling D’Art

Each book contains over 40 coloring pages. Each coloring design is printed on one side of the page.

Order your copy today

Hearts! Volume 2, by Aisling D'ArtThey’re available at

Preview – free samples

Here are sample pages (PDFs) from each of them:

Hearts! – a hippie coloring book

Hearts! Volume 2 – a hippie coloring book


Two New Bold & Easy Coloring Books in October 2016

We’re proud to announce two new coloring books and one new contributing author.

boldeasy5-cover400hFirst, we welcome Kara Watson to our cozy group of colorists. She’s a student who lives in the Rocky Mountains, and she’s had a life-long interest in color and design.

For her first book, she’s collaborated with Aisling D’Art to create Bold and Easy Coloring Pages 5.

Aisling is back at the drawing board with another book, as well, Bold and Easy Coloring Pages 6.

Both books are available through and related online retailers.

Small Coloring Books – My Hippie-Style Pages

Special ahead: Lowest price ever, coming for Memorial Day Weekend! May 27th – 31st, this book will be $5.50 in the US.

I’ve redesigned my “Pearls, Swirls, and Stars” coloring book with a more “hippie” style. And, to celebrate that, I’ve given it a new title, as well.

Hippie1-72dpiThNailA Small Coloring Book: Coloring, Hippie-Style is a fun little coloring book that can fit in a purse or babybag or backpack.

The original artwork is mine, drawn with pen & ink, on paper. Then, I scanned it and tweaked the art (just a little) so it looks “just so.”

My artistic influences include:

  • Yellow Submarine (the animated film)
  • Peter Max’s artwork from the 1960s (stars and organic, flowing lines)
  • Romero Britto’s bold visions
  • Some of David Hockney’s illustrations
  • The whimsy of George Rodrigue

Mostly, I’m inspired by the ideals of the first Woodstock concert and the Summer of Love. I watch the Woodstock movie, listen to the intensity of the music, and admire the freestyle dancing among people in the audience. It really embodies “go with the flow,” and that’s what I want to convey with my coloring pages.

I really like these kinds of designs, so I plan to make more “hippie” coloring books.

Want to “test drive” this kind of coloring page? Download your own (uncolored) copy of the art on book’s cover.  Click here for a free sample. It’s a  b&w PDF from inside the book.

Or, order your own copy of this book at or… or any other Amazon store.

— posted by Aisling D’Art

Book details

  • Published by: Blue Moon Coloring Books, Orlando, FL
  • Coloring pages: 50, single-sided (blank on reverse)
  • Total pages: 106, white paper with black ink
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1530947146
  • ISBN-13: 978-1530947140
  • Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.2 x 8 inches

Colorful Kitties and Curlicue Cats 1

by Aisling D’Art

Colorful Kitties and Curlicue Cats - Vol 1My newest coloring book, Colorful Kitties and Curlicue Cats,  arrived at this morning, and I’m so pleased with the colorful cover!

This book started with outlines of cats… 26 different cats, to be exact. Some are in profile. Some are walking. Others are lounging, and most are sitting. Generally, I think they’re looking away, because… well, cats are like that.

Inside each cat outline, I drew wavy, swirly, and curlicue designs to color. (Most of my coloring books are drawn by hand, and gently tweaked in Photoshop to refine the lines.)

Like many of my other handcrafted books, these coloring pages have a retro, “Yellow Submarine” style.

When the 26 designs were completed, I flipped each one, creating a matched set. (The book contains 52 single-sided coloring pages.)

That way, you can color them — the same or different — and frame your finished artwork as a pair.

Colorful kitties - in sets of two

Of course, I’ve created a free sample page, so you can see if you like this kind of coloring project. Click here to download the full-size sample as a PDF you can print at home.

This book is available at and, and other Amazon retailers. Or, you can ask your bookstore to order it for you.

I had tremendous fun drawing these pages. I think you’ll enjoy coloring these kitties, as well.