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Easy Coloring Books for All Ages – Bold and Easy Coloring – Volume 6

Aisling is back with another bold coloring book. This time, it’s Bold and Easy Coloring Page – Volume 6. Every page features hand-drawn kaleidoscope-style designs with bold lines and easy-to-color spaces.

They’re ideal for coloring book enthusiasts of all ages, from toddlers to seniors.

And, thanks to the bold lines, they’re perfect for late-night coloring in low-light conditions.

These books are also useful for art therapy, retirement homes, and for anyone dealing with hand-eye coordination challenges.

Each design is printed on just one side of the page (the back is blank). Also, each design is repeated twice in the book. If you make a mistake on one of them, it’s okay. You have a do-over!

Or, if you want to color them differently –  to display similar designs, side-by-side – you can.


You’ll find it at Amazon, along with all of Aisling’s Bold and Easy coloring books.