Bold and Easy Coloring 7

Bold and Easy Coloring 7

Bold lines and big, easy coloring areas make this coloring book a favorite for many adults!

Relax with 50 coloring pages with bold, easy-to-see lines, and big, easy-to-color spaces.

This book features 25 different designs printed on one side of the page. The designs are repeated (two of each) so you can try different colors, the second time... or have the luxury of a do-over.

Color your way to calm with these soothing, fun-to-color pages.They're designed for adults who want a different, less challenging coloring experience.

About the Book
Series: Bold and Easy Coloring
Tag: Bold & Easy Coloring
Publisher: Blue Moon Coloring
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 1973909618
List Price: $5.95
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