Good Vibes: A Hippie Coloring Book

Good Vibes: A Hippie Coloring Book
Genre: Hippie art
Tag: Hippie art
Publisher: New Forest Books
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 1542597064
ISBN: 1542597064

Escape everyday stress. Find your bliss in a happier, more relaxed time, when the hippie dream emerged and Woodstock brought us good vibes with rock 'n roll.

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About the Book

Relax and go with the flow!

De-stress with these 40 hand-drawn hippie designs, created with love by Aisling D’Art.

Each page is different. Each is printed on just one side of the page.

Some of these designs are simple. Others are detailed, to give you maximum relief from everyday anxieties.

Escape to a simpler, happier time with Aisling’s unique coloring pages. She’s an artist who’s still a hippie, and still creating coloring books with a Woodstock vibe.

Peace, love, and coloring… find your bliss here!

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