Color Choices

Coping, with Coloring

As I’m writing this, both America and Britain are going through some stressful times.

I’d like to pretend it’s not happening, and fast-forward to where this leads us.

But… I also feel as if history is unfolding in front of us. I want to witness it, or at least remain aware of what’s going on.

So, I’m on the sofa, watching the TV, more than usual.

Usually, I can just listen to what’s being said.

So, I color. And, I like to color “happy” images.

For me, that’s hippie-style art, and – currently – hearts. In my head, I’m often recalling a song that was popular during my childhood, with lyrics that said, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love… that’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”

This week, I’ve been coloring pages from my own Hearts! Volume 4 book. I printed them with my home printer, on regular printer paper. Then, I put a few blank sheets of paper (or a magazine) beneath the page I’m coloring, and I use a clipboard for support.

For me, this is a relaxing way to maintain my sense of calm and balance, yet stay current on important world events.

Today, I’ll color at least one more page from this book.

And, when I’ve completed at least four pages, total, I’m planning to sign & frame them as a birthday present for a family member.

Here’s what else I’m listening to, as I color:

One of my favorite YouTube video of the “What the World Needs Now” song featured the composer, Burt Bacharach, with Tom Jones.

That’s been removed from YouTube since I first posted this article, but here’s that same song, recorded in 1965: