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Free Coloring Pages, Hippie Style – What Goes Around

What Goes Around - CoverIn a hippie mood? Want some free coloring pages? You’ve found them!

My mother inspired these images. She had the hippie style before “hippies” were even a thing.

These are four coloring pages – hippie swirls and shapes that are designed in the round, plus one cover design.

Yes, they’re circles. Which way is up…? That’s up to you, as the Caterpillar might say. (That’s an Alice in Wonderland/White Rabbit reference… Jefferson Airplane and all that.)

Here’s how I colored one of the free sample pages:

Hand-colored art - What Goes Around

I like to use at least three different, related colors (or shades of them) in each area, to give the finished work a more three-dimensional look.

To download these free pages – each an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF (on Google Drive) – just click the image and it’ll open in a new window. (Or right-click to download it without preview.)

And the cover, since this was originally going to be a coloring book. (It may still become one, when I draw another 20+ of these.)