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Free Writing Paper to Print and Color – Hippie Themes

Free stationery you can personalize with your own colors and style!

A lonely neighbor – a new friend – asked me to leave her a note once a week, for a few weeks… if that was okay. She was going through some difficulties.

Of course, seeing how troubled she seemed, I was eager to help lift her spirits. So, I designed these pages to color, and then write a brief message in, to cheer her up.

Since then, I’ve used this notepaper for other correspondence, as well.

First, I write my message in the white rectangle in the middle. Then, I hand-color the border design.

This writing paper is free for you to download and print, as well. (Personal use only, of course.)

Free writing paper you can print and color

Click on any image below, and the PDF will open for you to download.  (These are 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages.)

If you’d like to share this notepaper with others, I’ve created an easy-to-remember URL: (That’s case-sensitive.)

Here’s the sign I posted on my door, to share the writing paper with others:

Free coloring pages and writing paper.


Here’s another idea you might like

For a few weeks, I embarked on another project for my neighbors: Every morning, I put a new message in my window. I printed them large enough so passers-by could read them when they’re on their way to work, or walking their dogs.

Most of the messages come from late 1960s’ and early 70s’ songs… things from Woodstock and the hippie era, in general. Others reflect similar attitudes.

Here are a few of them, stacked on my floor.


Window signs with happy quotes.

If you like this idea, the font is Elsie Swash Caps Black font, and the size should be at least 120 pts to be read by people passing by your home.

Generally, I’m printing on two sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper, horizontal, and then I tape them together to make the window sign.

For me, these ideas come from my “still a hippie” soul. I like doing nice things for other people.

Putting more happiness into the world is the right thing to do.

And yes, I am planning to create more writing paper you can download, free, and more coloring book freebies, in general.