Color Choices

Good Vibes 1 – A Happy, Hippie-Style Coloring Book Demonstration

Good Vibes 1 - a coloring demonstrationNot sure how to color complex designs? Do you get overwhelmed looking at lots of tiny spaces, and wonder how to get the most FUN from coloring them?

Let me show you how to enjoy coloring pages with lots of details.

For many people, detailed coloring pages are the very best stress relievers. One trick is to choose a color and use it – repetitively – throughout the design.

That establishes a sort of color rhythm. It makes coloring more relaxing, and the finished art looks like… well… art!

As a coloring book artist, I like to be sure I enjoy coloring the designs I create. If they’re not fun for me, they can’t be in my coloring books.

Quality is important. I want you to enjoy my books.

Recently, I’ve started scanning my coloring art as I go along. Now you can see the colors I use, and my coloring process. That’s what’s in this video, and there will be more, similar videos in the future.

I hope this shows you one coloring option for this design.

This is one of several pages I colored from my Good Vibes 1 coloring book.